Soul Alignment Sessions


Soul Alignment sessions are a unique blend of energy healing, sound healing, and intuitive guidance that have been packaged together into one offering. These sessions are 90 minutes and designed to help us tap into our truest potential by focusing on alignment, empowerment, and clarity.

Still curious as to what a Soul Alignment Session entails? Allow me to break it down in more detail!

Energy Healing: If you aren’t familiar with energy healing, it is a healing modality that works to bring the mind, body, and spirit back into energetic balance. Working with the energy systems in the body, it promotes our bodies natural ability to heal. Simply put, everything works better (mind, body, spirit) when the body is energetically restored. An important aspect of a Soul Alignment Session will include energy healing in some capacity. If you are receiving an in person session, I will place my hands on or slightly above the body while intuitively guiding the energy to activate healing on a deep level. If you are doing a distance session, this will all be performed remotely with the same results.

Sound Healing: The sound healing portion of these sessions are highly intuitive and each healing is individualized. My spiritual sound team, comprised of angels and spirit guides, channel through me and create a beautiful custom sound healing for my clients. Instructed by my angels one day to open my mouth during a healing - I was shocked and truthfully embarrassed to hear myself singing. I very quickly realized that this singing was not actually me and that this was channeled straight from the angelic realm. I am continually blown away by sound and its ability to unlock energetic blockages and promote deep healing and transformation in my clients. I incorporate other instruments along with my voice such as drums, chimes, rainsticks, singing bowls, and am always acquiring new instruments to add to my toolbox. I truly believe that every sound you hear while in session (from a car alarm outside to a peaceful bird chirping) is exactly what you need to hear in that moment.

Intuitive Guidance: During this portion of a session, I am able to tap into your unique energy and offer intuitive guidance accordingly. You will receive important messages from your spiritual team made up of angels, spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed. We will openly discuss your soul journey as well as work to process and release energy that is no longer serving you. Whether that is releasing energy and past trauma, tapping into your past lives, working through a current struggle, or helping you to tap into your own unique gifts and abilities, this portion of the session will leave you feeling empowered and more knowledgeable about yourself and your current reality.

These sessions are highly intuitive meaning that they are highly individualized to meet your needs in the current moment. Soul Alignment Sessions are designed to support your mind body and soul energetically and spiritually in a way that will serve you best in each season of life. The mission of these sessions is to heal deeply, develop a true understanding of yourself, and activate your own inner-healer.

If you are receiving a distance session, please know this can all be done virtually with no compromise to its effectiveness. We are all connected to a single life force energy. Energy healing, sound healing, and intuitive guidance can be delivered across time and space. I see the same level of success with both in-person and virtual clients.