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High Vibe Mama

This subscription is good for one 1:1 remote energy clearing each month addressing BOTH you and your child. This is a monthly 60 minute session that consists of a 30 minute energy healing (for both you and your child) and a 30 minute intuitive energy read. All conducted virtually from the comfort of your own home over the phone or Zoom.

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Empowered Empath Mentorship

A program designed to support empaths of all ages. This is a completely custom program based on your needs, but typically consists of 6-9 weeks of 1:1 work with me. It is a deep dive into the soul that places an emphasis on healing root causes and also covering a wide variety of spiritual topics such as energy protection, spirit guides, manifestation, and more!

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Postpartum Package

3 month subscription package offered for moms and their newborns in the first 3 months after delivery. The plan is designed to help both the mother and baby heal from the birthing experience and ease the transition for everyone involved. It includes three monthly 60 minute 1:1 sessions - all conducted virtually over the phone or Zoom.

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About Nina


I am an intuitive energy healer who advocates for heart-centered healing, radical self-understanding, and empowerment for all. It is one of my greatest passions to help children protect their energy by empowering parents to take a proactive approach to healing. Witnessing firsthand how impactful inner child healing can be, I decided to take it straight to the source with preventative healing. I now support empaths of all ages and love to share the transformational magic of energy healing and energy protection with others. I would love to support you and your family on a journey towards a happier, healthier, more balanced life.

What are some of my clients saying?

Sarah- Empowered Empath Student

"Working with Nina was a true gift, and THE highlight of my reiki educational experiences. She taught me ways to protect my own energy, connect more powerfully to source, and perhaps most importantly, trust myself and my own intuition—an incredible tool that I will forever be grateful for."

Ashley- Empowered Empath Student

"The Empowered Empath Project mentorship truly set my soul on fire at just the right time. Receiving her support and learning from her knowledge was priceless. Having the program completely tailored to me helped create a deep belief, and confidence in my abilities that I never had."

Aubrey- Empowered Empath Student

"She is, without question, highly intuitive, connected and able to seamlessly channel higher truths and guides. She is gifted, she is talented—she is the real deal. Thank you, Nina, for leading me back to my most authentic, beautiful, raw unique self. Forever grateful for you."                                          

Caroline- High Vibe Mama

"Not only has it helped my anxiety as a first time mom, but my daughter now looks forward to her Reiki sessions and it has helped her navigate her emotions - especially after a long trip or a big social gathering that can be very overwhelming for her. I would recommend Nina to all moms and children if you are looking for an amazing tool to give you and your child some peace."                                                             

Jessie- High Vibe Mama

"Always spot on, and amazing to get this perspective as a mother especially. My girls have grown to love Nina as well, jumping on the zoom at the end to say hi. Through this work, they have gotten to know their spirit animal guides, and have gained tools to feel more energetically supported and protected. I wish I had these tools growing up! Sessions with Nina are such a gift to Empath Mamas and kiddos, I am forever grateful for her!"

Nikie- High Vibe Mama
"Nina is incredibly gifted in so many ways. Her energy is pure and authentic and I enjoy all of my sessions with her. She has helped so much with myself and my boys over the last few months, gaining insight into their soul and how to better assist them here on the physical plane. The energy report cards and monthly affirmations are so perfect to help them ascend on their journey here. I can't thank Nina enough."

Not sure what service would be best for you and your family? I highly recommend you book a 15 minute discovery call so that we can discuss how I can best support you.

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