Postpartum Healing Package

A 3 month healing package that focuses on postpartum support through 1:1 energy healings and intuitive readings for mothers and their new babies.

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Postpartum Energy Healing Package

The transition to motherhood is incredibly special and beautiful, but it can also be one of the most massive reorganizations a woman experiences in her life. Figuring out how to navigate raising a beautiful new soul while also trying to maintain your own energy can be stressful and isolating. More support for mothers and their precious newborns during this transition is something that is needed now more than ever in modern society.

I have created a 3 month healing package that is offered for mothers and their newborns the first 3 months after delivery. It is designed to help the mother and baby heal physically and emotionally from the birthing experience and ease the transition for everyone involved.

What is included in the Postpartum Healing Package?

I have found that offering energy clearings and intuitive readings for both the mother and her infant postpartum creates an incredibly powerful container for them BOTH to thrive. 

This package includes 3 months of support with 3 1:1 postpartum healing sessions. These sessions will address BOTH you and your baby together. Each session is 60 minutes, consisting of a 30 minute energy healing and a 30 minute intuitive energy read (time split between you and your baby) all conducted virtually from the comfort of your own home over the phone or Zoom.

Energy Healing

I incorporate distance Reiki and other energy healing modalities to bring you and your baby's energy back into its pure, natural state. I have found energy clearings to greatly support postpartum transitions.

Intuitive Reading

After reading you and your baby's energy and conducting the clearing on you both, we review it in a 1:1 setting. This is a safe space to bring up any questions or concerns you may have.


  • Can ease postpartum depression and anxiety.

  • Can enhance self-awareness, self-esteem, and overall confidence

  • Can help to calm an anxious mind from fears, phobias, and general anxiety that can come along with motherhood.

  • Can promote physical healing from childbirth and help to alleviate pain, injuries and or surgery recovery.

  • Can be peaceful when navigating change or transitions. 

  • Can be helpful for mothers working through breastfeeding difficulties.
Caroline - High Vibe Mama

"Not only has it helped my anxiety as a first time mom, but my daughter now looks forward to her Reiki sessions and it has helped her navigate her emotions - especially after a long trip or a big social gathering that can be very overwhelming for her. I would recommend Nina to all moms and children if you are looking for an amazing tool to give you and your child some peace."

Jessie - High Vibe Mama

"Always spot on, and amazing to get this perspective as a mother especially. My girls have grown to love Nina as well, jumping on the zoom at the end to say hi. Through this work, they have gotten to know their spirit animal guides, and have gained tools to feel more energetically supported and protected. I wish I had these tools growing up! Sessions with Nina are such a gift to Empath Mamas and kiddos, I am forever grateful for her!"

Nikie - High Vibe Mama
"Nina is incredibly gifted in so many ways. Her energy is pure and authentic and I enjoy all of my sessions with her. She has helped so much with myself and my boys over the last few months, gaining insight into their soul and how to better assist them here on the physical plane. The energy report cards and monthly affirmations are so perfect to help them ascend on their journey here. I can't thank Nina enough."

Pricing Options

3 Month Package - $300


This can also make an amazing gift for a mama to be! There are so many “must have” baby products that flood the baby registry, and while those are important - gifting a healing package can be an incredible way to support a mother and her new baby during a transformational time.

If you would like to purchase a gift card for a mama to be, please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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