High Vibe Mama Subscription

Monthly 1:1 energy healings and intuitive readings for mothers and children. I help sensitive, empathic, and awakened children go from overwhelmed and overstimulated to feeling nurtured and safe - all while empowering parents in the process.

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An energy healing subscription for kids.

As the collective energy of our world continues to evolve, more children are being born highly sensitive, empathetic, and awakened.

This all comes at a time when our world has more toxicity and stimuli than ever before. Unfortunately, this has led to many vulnerable children absorbing negative energy and being unable to separate their own feelings from others.

One of the most common frustrations I hear from parents is that their children aren't able to tell them what is wrong or able to fully express themselves, especially when they can not yet talk.

After years of conducting healing sessions with people of all ages, I realized the root of so many of our problems can be traced back to childhood. I found myself witnessing incredible breakthroughs with clients when we would revisit their childhood and let go of the stories they no longer needed. This realization greatly inspired me to take a proactive approach by helping and supporting kids right from the start.

We all come to this earth with unique lessons we need to learn. Our souls are always on the quest for evolution and growth. These lessons can be hard enough on their own to process and we do not need our children to be burdened with the extraneous lessons and challenges that they are absorbing from other people.

Working with children is like glimpsing into the future... and so far I am excited by what I see. So many of the kiddos I work with are compassionate, sensitive, and intuitive future leaders who, with the right support from a young age, can infuse this world with the magic we need. Supporting these kids and their parents has given me an immense amount of confidence in a more awakened, kind, and sustainable future.

In a time where children are more vulnerable to energy than ever before, support can be incredibly helpful, and I am here to help.

What is included in the High Vibe Mama Subscription?

I have found that offering energy clearings and intuitive readings for both the mother and her child together creates an incredibly powerful container for them BOTH to thrive. 

This subscription is good for one 1:1 High Vibe Mama Healing session each month. This session addresses BOTH you and your child together. This is a 60 minute session that consists of a 30 minute energy healing and a 30 minute intuitive energy read (time split between you and your child) all conducted virtually from the comfort of your own home over the phone or Zoom. 

You will leave each session with insights into your child's energetic state and how you can better support and nurture them. You and your child will receive the direct benefits of a regular energy clearing and healing.

Energy Healing

I incorporate distance Reiki and other energy healing modalities to bring your child's energy back into its pure, natural state.

Intuitive Reading

After reading and clearing a child's energy, I relay this information to mothers, enabling them to make positive changes.

Do any of the following statements describe your child?

  • You notice a difference in your child after he or she has been around someone who is anxious, angry, stressed or depressed.
  • Your child is easily overstimulated or overwhelmed by too much stimuli, stress, crowds, negative people, or loud noise.
  • Your child is sensitive to their environment (foods, smells, textures, temperatures, sounds).
  • Your child is deeply upset and impacted by a troubling or scary TV show or movie.
  • Your child has a strong connection with animals or nature.
  • You notice your child seems to feel much deeper than other children and may spend a lot more time in their head.
  • Your child has surprised you with psychic comments or an intuitive knowing.
  • Your child needs alone time.
  • Your child is much better one on one versus a group setting.
  • Your child is extremely compassionate and empathizes deeply with others.
  • Your child cries when they see others get hurt or upset.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a High Vibe Mama subscription can benefit your family!

Caroline - High Vibe Mama

"Not only has it helped my anxiety as a first time mom, but my daughter now looks forward to her Reiki sessions and it has helped her navigate her emotions - especially after a long trip or a big social gathering that can be very overwhelming for her. I would recommend Nina to all moms and children if you are looking for an amazing tool to give you and your child some peace."

Jessie - High Vibe Mama

"Always spot on, and amazing to get this perspective as a mother especially. My girls have grown to love Nina as well, jumping on the zoom at the end to say hi. Through this work, they have gotten to know their spirit animal guides, and have gained tools to feel more energetically supported and protected. I wish I had these tools growing up! Sessions with Nina are such a gift to Empath Mamas and kiddos, I am forever grateful for her!"

Nikie - High Vibe Mama
"Nina is incredibly gifted in so many ways. Her energy is pure and authentic and I enjoy all of my sessions with her. She has helped so much with myself and my boys over the last few months, gaining insight into their soul and how to better assist them here on the physical plane. The energy report cards and monthly affirmations are so perfect to help them ascend on their journey here. I can't thank Nina enough."

Benefits of a High Vibe Mama subscription

  • Can aid in relaxation or sleep and stress relief.

  • Can enhance self-awareness, self-esteem, and overall confidence.

  • Can help to calm an anxious mind from fears, phobias, and general anxiety.

  • Can help alleviate pain, injuries and or surgery recovery.

  • Can be helpful during transitions. 

  • Can support children’s sensitivity to their environment and calm any hypersensitivities they may have.

Pricing Options



$360/every 3 months


$660/every 6 months


$1,200 annually


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If you aren't interested in joining the recurring subscription, I also offer High Vibe Mama Healing sessions in either 3 or 6 package deals to be redeemed as needed.

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